Newsplatter Victim’s or Newsplatter survivor’s or whatever Newsplatter’s

I never thought it will be makes me saying this ‘this is interesting’ to an ad’s zone. Until i found dot by dot that lead me to that interesting things.

so, I was looking @newsplatter pictures and i don’t know why i want to do this *Yes, you are stupid*..

Honesty, i really curious where is he works.. and, boomble! he has uploaded a pic that show his works place. Deeper and deeper i keep my instinct to get the clear answer about my curiosity. You know, my pray and stupid things that i did gave me a lusty fruity nickiiiiy *buahahaha*

So, @newsplatter been work at the @LoweID. It’s like what he was saying in his twiiter account when he uploaded that picture. You know about @LoweID ? Me, don’t know at all. When you dont know at all about a thing, you are obvious what you wanna do. Googgoling googoling and gogoling … i found a publicity to be a new planner at @LoweID. All (@Newsplatter, @LoweID and source by googoling) of it directed me to a ParamitaMohamad site. Which means, i dont know i just allow my self to find out more.

Yesssshh, you will be like it! when you arrive at that site. Story life, Lampu Hijau Deadline’s, Ad recruitment for Suicide bombers, etc.  All of them that called ‘Challenges’ makes me smiling soooo beautiful. Check this out

Good Luck for us :))



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