“Failure” Is not Doing Anything


Do you have any Goals for your life ? Or for in a few months ?

Well.. Why this is could be my concern. Just Now ?

I’ve read some articles inhttp://lifehacker.com/5974670/how-to-successfully-learn-a-new-language-this-year and there is some words that say:  “What you absolutely need to do is be as specific as possible, both in your target and in your timeline. And make it something absolutely achievable and within a few months from now”.

How magically that words to me!

In a few days I strats my daily activities as an employee (AGAIN). Like i said in my post before this, my enthusiasm in a new office up and down. Such a wind, exactly.

So, before it’s gonna be a storm which is give the bad impact for my self, fortunately i find those ‘MAGIC WORDS’ in  my way. *Alhamdulillah*

And, now i have a goals for my new chapter of my life. What’s that ?!!

As specific as Possible: I have to be a Better employee in my probation times for 3 Months.

  • Arrive at office, 08.15AM
  • Have NO absent for any reason
  • Focus !

Let me giving you how i will treat my goals..

See you …


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