The Internet Teaches Us To Look Up

While driving home and think about the things that I currently don’t have, I just realized something.

With today’s ever connected world, with the Facebook pages and BBM statuses and Twitter and Instagram feeds, we constantly look at other people’s stuff and activities.

And since people will always be posting *only* the good things that are happening to them, the internet and social media is like a wall of achievements and goodies. From admirable trophies and honorable awards, vibrant vacations and sexy beaches, perfect families and smiling couples, up to new cars and hot gadgets with the cool teammates and offices. We failed to realize that social media is the ‘edited’ version of people’s life. No wonder you’ve never seen the bad takes. Even the good ones usually didn’t make the cut. It has to be ‘extrodinaire’ to go up the wall or down the feed. And last time I checked, there is not a single soul that will follow people that they don’t like. We will only follow the people that we admire, so most probably our feed is filled with people who has ‘made it’. Our idols. Those who is ‘above’ us.

We are probably not aware of this, but we are constantly bombarded with news and photos of achievements of other people.

Now if you are a very mature man with a very big heart, these kinda things probably will motivate and inspire you. For me, a lot of times they do. But alas, a lot of times, they also filled me with jealousy, frustration, restlessness, envy, stress, depression, and discontent. The really scary part is not the frustration. But for all of our times we spend on social media looking up, we forget to look down.

We forget that there are so, so, so many that are fighting a lot of harder battles than us. Most probably they are our own closest friends and families.

We forget that we already have so much, already climbed so high, already fat from all the luxuries we enjoyed. We don’t realize that where we are now, seemed so low and miserable from our point of view, is seemed so high and unthinkable from a lot of people’s.

Wake from the dream. Realize what you have been watching. Feel how they have made you live your life.

Remember to look down. And maybe extend a hand from your high point. Be thankful for where you are, what you have, and where you are going.


Meanwhile, right after i read this Edward Suhadi’s Blog, i found this Video. Check it out :


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