This is about two child, the girl and the boy in a train station. Homeless children

First time i saw them, i looked at a girl. There was money on her hands, a lot i guess. She was calculated those money and after she finished it, she put a lot of those money in her pocket. Make sure that they were saved in there. Right after that, she walked to the boy, younger than her, maybe a 6 yo boy. They start to play in the ground of station; running, yelling, laughing loudly and anything that make them happy. I knew, that we (me and people in the station) were keep our eyes on them, enjoying what they did. There was a lot of things in our minds about those kids, i bet for it. But, unfortunetely those kids really dont care for what we were thinking.

They made a war. I mean not really a war. The girl keeping tried to hit the boy with a bottle. An aqua plastic bottle. Even the boy have a bottle too on his hands but he keep yelling and run around to avoid the girl. It was happened many times. ‘Till other homeless boy comes, tried to steal stuffs of her. She was see it and going to him, yelling on him and try to hit those homeless boy with a bottle. She won. The other boy, goes away.

They continued their war, the more a boy yelling and run around to avoid the girl the more happy she was. And, when the girl got the boy, in my mind, she gonna made a hit on him. But you know, she was not really hit on him, she was just made a little touch on his body with those bottle. It Doesnt hurt at all. I really saw it.

I want to say sorry can not have a picture of those homeless kids. I’m pretending not really enjoy for  what they did, instead i really am. Poor me, ya

-Happened at Stasiun Jakarta Kota, Nov 19th at 8 PM-


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