i’m learning to be alone

I have many friends. I did like being around people. I did like met new people. I liked watcing the way they walked, talking, staring, eating and laughing. I didnt wanna know why. I just want to. And i dont remember since when it’s begin.

Having friends are something really nice. Like i said, i’m just crazy about friendship. I did. Friends always be some of the best escape from all the bored routine and all the other shit things in this world, i thought. When i’m spending my time with them, i just feel good. Dont know it did really good or another good things to makes me realized, that i’m already alone. I have thinking, people in this world must have some friends, cos they are gonna be happy. Really happy.

Times passed away without you be able to count how much you laughing. So fast. And all those laughing just gone without you be able to remember why you laughing. That’s why, i believe that happiness is easy to get. They are everywhere. What goes around comesback around. There is always something that belong to me. Sometimes, the best way to feel your deepest you is no one with you.


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