The Internet

A few weeks this past, almost every morning, in my way to go to works, I have planned to write down things in my head. But, there is always such a thing like ‘are you serious going to do this, is it really matters’ in my other head.

As i arrived at office, the first thing i did was open the tab and start to know what such a thing in my timelines, read some site, news, article and etc. In my mind, maybe i’ll be better. I mean, smarter than i am before. It was right, wasnt it ? The more i read the more i know. The more i know, the more i didnt know enough. And the more makes me feel, that i’m nothing. Like, my post that i quoted from Edward Suhadi’s blog, Internet teaches us to look up. It does, really. I dont know, how each of you using the internet and what you needed from it. For me, in the name for what i’ve doing this time, actually, the internet was very important. I had to got some inspirations and sources to make an article. And those both comes from the random things that i read and see on the internet. So, the internet help me a lot, of course. But, sometimes with all the things in the internet; INFORMATIONS, we named it. And all those informations automatically recorded in my head. I dont know, sometimes i felt that i lost of my self. Eh, nope, the internet are working on me.

I think, i should make a better one than this.


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