Is it Ok (?)

Today, not the same like the other day before

I’m arrived at office at 9.30 AM. No one there but me. I start with turn to Air Conditioner on. Binding my hair and tried to relieve the hot in my body. I walked to the corner side to take my laptop. Put it down in my table. I didnt directly turn my laptop on.  I just open it and then see my looks on the screen, tried to make me look more comfortable appeareance on those black screen. Because, there is no mirror at my office. Yeah,me too… can’t believe it. Right after i finished it, i start to open my browser. A first tab for my twitter, the next tab for soundcloud, and the next one for a news site e.g time, mashable, or buzzfeed or something like that. Most of the time before i start my day to works was i used for to read first. ‘Till those part, it’s all the common usual things that i did.

Until i got to this moment. I found a link from the buzzfeed account twitter about TV series for LGBT. I found that link when i was in UI train station which i can’t  open it on my BB, so i favorited it. I’m moving forward to read those articles in my laptop. And….. you know i dont know what exactly that motivated me to make a move watching some video from those LGBT TV Series. I watch it calmly.. full of passionate through the story and .. you know, i think i really really enjoy every part all of those scenes. The make out scene for exactly. I dont know how it could be, till i.. i’m not sure going to tell you what happened to me when i’m watched it.

You feels like your body make a bit moves, you can feel there is a blood flowed in your body, slowly.. you feel there was something touched you, but not sure which part was in touched… and you are suddenly stop for a while to reduce excitement. And i think i got the benefit from the healty attitude that called a stimulation.

I’m kinda scared of, actually.


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