The Beauty

How would you define about the Beauty ? Or do you have your own perceptions about it ? Let me know if you pleasure to share ..

This morning, I’ve read an article about “12 Amazing Womens Deserve Vogue Covers in 2014” in huffingtonpost. According to those article, this 12 amazing womens has a one of the requirements of a Vogue cover girl. Which is they’re all stylish women with keen fashion senses.  So, huffingtonpost cooked up a dream cast of 2014 Vogue cover girl. They’re smart, funny, fashionable and gorgeous–And, they end up to challenge Anna Wintour to think about their cast.


Oke, i’m going to.. why i’m asking you to define about the Beauty. If you’ve check it out those article, i assume that now you have the same thought as me. There is one cast named Lupita Nyong’o, who deserve on Vogue cover on May. I have no idea who is she and what she’s doing because i never heard her name before. So, that makes me wondering, why this women deserve vogue cover ? Honestly, in this point, i find out myself know nothing about the meaning of beauty.

I’m not a fanatic person who well understand about fashion or lifestyle or things like that, but i’m interesting to know about it. And i think most of us (womens/mens) must be know about Vogue, didnt you ? Maybe, we didnt know much about Vogue. But as most of us as know that it’s a world fashion and lifestyle magazine. And in France, Vogue means ‘in style’. Which is, it’s automatically makes us have assumptions that those Magazine is so so so .. whatever you think, we must be blown away everytime we looked at the girls on cover. But, did you ever think, what’s exactly the meaning of beauty ?

Oke, we’re going back to the huffington’s article about 12 their cast and.. Lupita Nyong’o, of course. And I want to take this case to learn more about ‘the beauty‘.

The beauty

How you think ? Is she beauty for you .. hmm ? If you said yes, which the part of you think that make you said ‘of course she is beautiful’. And if you said No, may i know your opinion why you think of that .. ? Just feel free, imagine that right now you are judging the beauty contest. I just wanna know your explanations about the beauty. Thank you 🙂

And for now, just let me share what i’ve got…

I used to assumed that the beauty was the our eyes told us. I mean, you know, how the high school gave us the prolonged effects, which means, all the things that we experienced in the high school be the one of a huge reason in things what we do for this times or maybe in the futures ? At least, that’s what happened to me. That i know, i was not as beauty as i think i am. I’ve always think that everyone’s beauty was the person with the white and smooth skin, tall, thin, and  everythings that look so perfect on our eyes as we want as human. Yap, it is so true. That’s what the beauty is. But, as like the times goes by the beauty for me now have so much meaning. Everyone is beauty as they are. They are smiled from their heart, they are easy to laughing, they are trying to finish their education, they are helping other people, they are sharing for caring, they are not gossips, they are singing like none hear, and every single things that they do in kindness and for the joy. And now you know, why Lupito Nyong’o be the one who deserve Vogue Cover ? I think, you’ve already know. Beauty is not just about what our eyes see in outside. There is so much factors that makes us beauty as we are. And everybody can see it beyond our body. That’s what i think about ‘The Beauty’.

So, I’m waiting yours :))

The beauty


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