When you stop?


“I distrubute newspaper. I only planned on working for a few months after I graduated high school, but that turned into three years. I dont want to be stuck in a dead end job my whole life. I should go to college. I just have a hard time following through. The moment any little thing goes wrong, I just put it off. I dont know, maybe I’m depressed. When I was kid, I’d stay up all night messing with software. I’d download a program, change the source code, and try to run it. I just wanted to see what would happen. If it didn’t work, I’d keep trying. I loved it. It was fun. Sometimes I’d stay up all night. Recently I tried to do it again, but nothing felt fun anymore. Everything just feels like work.” – Humansofnewyork


Those, what he said seems so… me. I just feel the same. It’ve been two years i work here. Writing about business topics. I dont know actually what kind of business what I’m writing about. Just feels i have to because I get money from it. I was excited when I’m begin. I want to know more and more about what I’m writing about. That was reason I’m engaged on my work. Though I know that was not subject I’m interested about to write. But I still keep going. Sometimes it was fun but sometimes i wonder when I have to stop. Because everything just feels like work.


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