They say no one of us really want to growing up. It could be true. Because sometimes we just like a 5 years old kid. 

We do whatever we want and don’t even know we could feel hurt and pain at the same time. And most precious thing being a kid is i think we can cry so hard for no reason and without thinking what people gonna say.

But here we are. In this world. With the R for Reality. Not always makes us happy neither sad but enough to makes you being you now.

We’ve been through a lot. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes we care. Sometimes we don’t care. Sometimes we love. Sometimes we hate.

The R gave us so many lesson to learn. Bad and good. Sadness and happiness. Friends and enemies. Time after time we grow as a person who want to be a better and better. In the R we can feel anything.

Though sometimes we also feel like a piece of shit and life is suck. There is always be a good part of it of course. We just need a positive gratitude for our own life. That’s it!

I think it was still like a shit, Re. Indeed.


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